What to do if you do not know how to approach the choice of a mattress. We will tell you which parameters to pay attention to and which mattress will suit you.

  1. The size

When choosing the size of the mattress from the online bestmattress-brand database, be guided by the dimensions of the bed, and not on the size of the bed. It is not advisable to focus on the size of the old mattress, because during the operation it could be deformed.

  1. Rigidity

Useful advice: If you cannot decide on the rigidity, then an excellent solution will be a mattress with different rigidity of the sides. The stiffness of such a mattress can be changed by simply turning it over.

If there are no special medical indications, then the choice of the stiffness of the mattress depends on the weight of the sleeper. The heavier a person is, the stronger he squeezes the mattress and the harder mattress he needs from the mattress store and vice versa.

  • Weight of the sleeper – stiffness of the mattress
  • Up to 50 kg – soft mattress
  • 50-70 kg – moderately soft
  • mattress 70-90 kg – mattress medium
  • 90-100 kg – mattress of moderate hardness
  • 100 kg or more – mattress hard

For a person weighing 70-90 kg, you should choose a medium-hard mattress. Heavier people need stiffer mattresses, less heavy ones – softer. It should also be remembered that for the elderly people usually choose softer models; but the children of preschool age on the contrary – more rigid.

  1. The maximum weight of one sleeper

This measure shows the maximum weight of a person who is guaranteed to withstand a mattress for each bed. For a double mattress, you should indicate the weight of only one, the heavier, the person in the pair.

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